Onsite Training

Ben travels the world to provide onsite advanced Persuasion Skills training that range from two days to two hours. Onsite training includes customized content, handouts and exercises that help your sales team create new selling skills they can use in their next sales appointment.


Live Online Training

Through the wonders of modern technology, Ben has given live online technologies to sales teams on other continents 8 time zones away!  For the past five years, he has helped sales teams reach new levels of sales performance and he has never met them!


Custom Video Trainings

Ben will create a customized video training,with handouts, that you can use during your in house sales meetings at your office or on an extended group business trip.  This gives participants all the benefits of a customized training without the onsite training pricing or travel expense.


Whatever mode of training you use, Ben’s trainings about the world’s first comprehensive sales model will equip your sales team to reach new levels of sales performance in their very next sales appointment. They will learn how to increase their sales revenues, profit margins and professional satisfaction of their sales career!

Ben’s speaking services also include keynote messages that range from twenty minutes to an hour. Contact Ben today for your free phone consultation to discuss how he can help grow your company’s sales in 2017!