My Purpose

Why I work directly with you

Sales managers, business owners and startups


My purpose is to raise the bottom 1/3 of your sales team performers into the middle 1/3 in the next 90 days. 

How much will that movement by your sales team increase your company revenues?

I provide "outcome-based" consulting. That means you don't pay until your sales team achieves the outcomes we agreed upon for my engagement!


If you want to increase your sales revenues and profit margins this year, consider these questions: 

1) Which will create more results: sales training or sales consulting?

Do you want a one-time sales training event, a shot in the arm to your sales team that begins to fade when the speaker leaves on a plane? Even if you receive follow up recordings, nothing is as effective as ongoing live mentoring!

I provide sales consulting. That includes sales training, but the focus on my work on ongoing mentoring until each salesperson on your team becomes a productive sales professional.  

2) Do you want a one-size-fits-all training program or a customized training designed for your specific company and sales team?

Don’t be misled. Many sales trainings attempts to “customize” their training with a few surface examples? A truly customized training 

  •  analyzes and maps out each step of the sales call for your specific company? 
  • includes the industry-specific vernacular of your company and identifies the words/phrases your sales team uses that adversely affect the sale?
  • works with each team member to identify specific behaviors, tonality, and persuasive skills that directly affect winning or losing the sale.

Tom Hopkins and I wrote about those persuasion skills in When Buyers Say No. They are the persuasion skills I will help each of your sales team master. 

I am inviting you to start a dialog. Find out more about the persuasion skills that will help you as a sales manager 

and business owner to increase 

  • your sales revenues, 
  • your profit margins
  • the career satisfaction of your sales team

Make this your best year!


About Ben Katt

Ben Katt is a multi-million dollar producer in corporate sales, business-to-business sales and group sales.

For over 25 years, Ben has facilitated seminars on Advanced Persuasion Skills. Based on the practical application of his broad sales experience, he developed unique approach to persuasion that benefit seminar participants in their very next sales appointment. 

Ben has spoken in over 100 US and Canadian cities, in Europe and Australia. His clients range from regional organizations to DOW 30 Corporations, like United Technologies to regional organizations like the Florida Board of Realtors. 

He has provided business consulting to private businesses and tech startup companies in all areas of company operations. Referrals are available upon request.  

He is co-author of When Buyers Say No with world renowned sales trainer, Tom Hopkins. The book is published by Hachette Book Group, the world’s sixth largest publisher. 

Highlights of Ben’s selling experiences

Ben’s sales training began at the age of 12 when his parents entered the direct sales business. Listening to their sales training tapes and attending some of their live sales training events, he learned from the best speaker of that generation, including Zig Ziglar and Robert Schuller.

sales experience began during his high school years with telephone sales for a local police fraternal organization. 

In 1980’s, he began a specialty publishing company which served the marketing needs of home builders and real estate companies. He sold the business in the early 1990’s before living abroad for a year. 

Upon his return, he began speaking for group sales seminar companies as an independent contractor. Through his group sales efforts, he consistently produced over one million dollars of sales revenues each year. 

In his last corporate position, Ben was hired to turn around and rebrand a failing division acquired by a DOW 30 company. The division had dwindling sales and was losing 10% of its customer base each year. The loss of clients stopped immediately and his first year, an additional 10% of new clients were added to their customer base. Within three years, Ben’s sales leadership of that division led to a 600% increase in annual sales.

Because of his success with that division, he was invited to facilitate the Advanced Persuasion Skills training at that corporation’s national development program, which he has done most years since 2008. 

Ben and his wife live on Hutchison Island, Florida. In the past decade, they have traveled to six continents. Their recent travel adventures include climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking to Everest Base camp and diving in the Great Barrier Re

Clients include:

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