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Examples of clients who benefitted from my consulting or training.

The common factor among them is that practical, experienced-based know-how can make big difference in their sales or company results.

Group and individual sales team training can create significant increases in sales revenues.

Why? Because sales team members not only learn specific sales tactics but more important, they learn to look at sales differently.

Instead of trying to talk prospects into taking action by making statement after statement, they learn to ask questions that focus the attention of prospects to the topics necessary to make a buying decision that day.

Sales consulting takes a step back and looks at the process of persuasion. It looks at the

  • underlying persuasive structure of the content and
  • the form of communication, which includes nonverbal communication.

Group sales training is a one size fits all type of value, teaching persuasion principles that apply to all selling situations.

Sales consulting addresses the individual, unique aspects of a specific company, in a specific industry.  Often it involves innovative insights into developing strategies and tactics that work best for that particular company.

The Top 10 clients who benefited from my consulting received a variety of combinations of these two types of services.  And it usually is a combination of services.

In a group sales setting, participants ask questions that involve aspects of their specific selling scenarios. So my response, though relatively brief, often involves sales consulting.

In a sales consulting setting, when working with a business owner, manager or entrepreneur to develop or optimize their sales plan and presentation, I often must train them in areas of selling they have not yet learned.

I provide at least a little bit of both with each client.

Examples of results based consulting:

  • Provide sales training that shored up the gaps in the sales team’s current performance. That resulted in over 50% increase in sales revenues that began the very next month and continued in the months that followed.
  • Facilitate a group sales training that unified the sales best practices for the sales team and allowed the bottom half performers to learn and implement the company-specific best practices of the sales team’s top performers.
  • Helping a client adopt new hiring practices for sales team members. By identifying the key characteristics of a productive sales team member, the client realized more productive hires, increase longevity and greater worker career satisfaction.
  • Facilitating a customized team building event that led to increased and more effective communication between the tech team and the sales team.
  • Identifying the Fishbone Map of a client’s incoming sales calls, so the sales team members knew exactly where they were in the sales process and how to move the call forward when the caller became mired in topics not related to making a buying decision.
  • Helping a client modernize his website by designing content that told a persuasive story that compelled viewers to contact my client about his specialized product.
  • Assisting a nonprofit in identifying their core mission. They were passionate about all the needs that surrounded them but limited resources forced them to identify their core mission that they could serve most effectively.
  • Training the sales manager. A client had a competent sales manager who needed to expand her sales management tools in helping the bottom half producers on her sales team break into the top half of sales performance (and consequently raise the sales team average!).
  • Identifying the leverage point of a client’s pipeline. When the client saw that the number of inquiries each month drove his entire funnel system, the client enjoyed an accurate leading indicator knew where to devote new client resources and knew were to direct new client resources to get the most results.
  • Consulting with an individual client who was seeking the best strategy to get her book published(selling her book to publishers and consequently, the buying public). My recommendation was not to be seduced by the easiest option of paying a third party to publish her book. Instead, to master the business of writing and sell her book to a major publisher who will promote her book more effectively.

In the ten examples of clients who benefited from my consulting and training, you read about the wide diversity of situations in which my services have benefited clients. The reason for this variety is that I provide persuasion skills training.

Persuasion is used in every aspect of our business lives.

In sales, management and working with colleagues. Persuasion is used in every aspect of our personal lives, parenting, partnering, and friendship.

When I consult or train individuals or groups, the context and applications may be sales, but effective sales training and consulting must be open to persuasion of the person, their beliefs, assumptions, and habits. That means that more is needed than a one size fits all training.

One final part of the benefit my client’s receive from my consulting is an outcome-based approach to my services.  Delivering training or consulting is not enough.

My success with clients is based on doing whatever it takes to achieve the desired results.

If that means additional training, additional consulting and additional individual meetings with clients, then that is what I deliver as part of the original engagement.

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The limitation is the medium.  One-way training can take your sales team only so far. 

At some point, your sales team will require personal mentoring to reach the next level of sales performance. 

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