The Circle of Persuasion blog

High octane fuel to optimize your selling performance

You’ve been trained by your company. You know how to present your product/service and answer questions. How is it that two salespeople can give the similar presentations, conveying the same information and yet one salesperson is consistently a top producer and the other is near the bottom of the production chart each month?

How do you explain that?

The answer is persuasion. The first salesperson persuades prospective buyers to take immediate action. The second salesperson merely educates prospective buyers and hopes they will take immediate action.  Not quite sure of the difference?  Then this blog is for you.

If you want to take your selling to the next level of performance, then you need in-depth, practical sales consulting about one topic: How to persuade prospective buyers to take immediate action.

My goal in the hundreds of blog entries that will follow is to increase the effectiveness of the sales tools to your persuasive toolbox.  To help you eliminate the guesswork about the persuasion process by using the Circle of Persuasion to cut to the heart of the decision-making process more quickly. To authentically shift your selling experience further away from “pushing” prospective buyers to take action and shift it closer to “counseling” prospective buyers to make an informed buying decision that is beneficial for them.

Together, we will significantly increase your sales revenues and margins by:

  •  examining every aspect of your selling: assumptions about selling, rapport skills, Discovery Questions, presentation skills to individuals and groups, closing skills, addressing concerns, negotiation skills, and getting referrals.
  • exploring indirect selling skills like time management, goal setting, attitude optimization, outcome-based thinking and career planning.
  • occasionally discussing some personal topics that indirectly affect your concentration and energy as a sales professional: communication skills for friends, family, children and your significant relationship.

For sales managers, business owners and startup entrepreneurs, we will look at strategies for empowering your sales team increase their sales revenues and profit margins.

The result of our journey together… increased sales revenues, higher margins, greater career satisfaction.

A tall order?  You bet!  Roll up your sleeves, pick a post and we’ll get started…