In the previous post, we discussed how to increase your sales by avoiding confusing selling.

Here is an explanation of how this salesperson lost a sale with a nonsensical presentation.

Confusing selling costs you sales.

If your presentation doesn’t make sense, prospects won’t buy.

Confusing selling loses sales

What this energetic and passionate young said to us may, in fact, be absolutely correct.

The test he gave us may have accurately indicated the results he said it did.

And there may be professionals from any number of medical fields reading this post who would verify his testing.

We’re not one of those medical professionals.

  • None of those medical professionals reading this post will be spending our money on this salesperson’s products.
  • Nor will they make the effort to follow the nine-month regimen he was suggesting.

So while the accuracy of the testing and value of his teaching was the foundation for the sale, it was all for naught.

Why? Our hapless salesperson did not adequately explain his value proposition in terms that we understood.

  • Not when he explained his value proposition the first time.
  • Not after we asked several pointed questions that clearly indicated our areas of concern.

We finally gave up trying to talk to him because he was unable to address our questions in any coherent manner.

A totally bizarre selling experience!

Next post, we’ll talk about how this bad example relates to your selling…

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