In the previous post, we discussed how to increase your sales by avoiding confusing selling. In this post, we will discuss how you can benefit from the bad example of how this salesperson lost a sale with a nonsensical presentation.

Confusing selling will cost you sales

A confused mind says NO!

How does that high seas example of confusing selling apply to you?

Your customers need to understand what you say to them.

  • They need to understand the industry jargon you use.
  • They need to clearly understand how a home that you show them meets their needs and desires.
  • They need to understand the next steps in the buying or listing process.
  • And they need to understand the value you bring them as a real estate professional.

Because if they don’t, then all the value you are offering may be for naught.

  • Wouldn’t it be ironic for you to offer all the services they need to buy or list a home, but they don’t know it?
  • Wouldn’t it be ironic if you showed prospects a home that meets most of their needs and desires but they don’t realize it?

Explain all industry jargon!

Ask questions and listen to their answers.  Answer their questions and then ask them if you fully addressed their concern.

If they speak slowly, then take a deep breath, relax and speak more slowly.

You can maintain your passion even when speaking more slowly.

And finally, whenever you explain a feature of a product or the services you provide… always follow that by explaining the benefit of that feature.

Do not assume that your buyers will connect the dots.  They often don’t.

When Buyers Say No has more reminders we could discuss, but for now, that will help you avoid your own High Seas selling Adventures with your buyers.


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