Increase your sales by avoiding confusing selling. Here is a bad example of how a salesperson lost a sale with a nonsensical presentation.

Confusing selling costs you many sales

A confused mind says NO!

Do buyers understand what you are saying during your presentations?

What you say may make sense to you.

It may also make sense to your colleagues, who know the industry vocabulary.  Colleagues who have the industry knowledge to fill in any gaps you leave open.

But does what you say make sense to your prospects?

Recently, while on a cruise, my wife and I were offered the chance to have some health testing done.

The salesperson measured our body fat, metabolism and a half dozen other factors.

The person testing us was a powerful, athletic man in his late 20s.

Having earned a Masters Degree in the medical field, he gave us a brief overview of the metabolism process and the potential problem areas that many people encounter in their bodies.

His initial brief explanation sounded logical and so we agreed to let him administer the test.

Then the sale began…

He looked at this small slip of paper from the testing machine which was the size of a cashier’s receipt.

Briefly and disjointedly, he explained the results.

Then began telling my wife and I that we needed to spend $1600 for products to rid our bodies of the toxins that were affecting our cellular and liver function.

The trouble was that what he said about the test results and why we should spend $1600… didn’t quite make sense.

His explanations didn’t make sense!

When we asked questions about the results, which were barely legible print on a cashiers receipt, he repeated parts of his original explanation.

By this time, we had been with this young man for a total of nearly two hours.

  • Not one word explaining about the company who designed the testing machine or how the testing actually worked.
  • Not one word about the company who manufactured the $1600 of products he recommended that we buy,

And yet if we wanted to have his services for this 9-month program, we had to decide in the next two days before the cruise ended!

It was bizarre!

Like watching an episode from The Twilight Selling Zone, a comedy/tragedy TV series I could write where true selling stories are more fantastical than any adventure JRR Tolkien could write.

In the next post, we’ll break down this High Seas selling adventure and see how it relates to real estate sales professionals.

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