As you learned in the first post in this series, if you don’t proactively take charge of these five steps when creating a compelling website, you are asking for unnecessary headaches.

Build a compelling website

Agreements help you avoid headaches.

In the previous post, we discussed the first three steps to avoiding unnecessary website creation challenges. Below are two more ways to enjoy working with your webmaster:

4. Agree about timeframes of completion

After you have agreed about WHAT the webmaster will do, ask WHEN the webmaster thinks she/he will complete the work.

When you ask for that estimate in writing… it may change. That’s when you will hear a more realistic estimate.

HINT: In the last post, we discussed getting agreement about how many changes you can make without additional charges. Well… if the webmaster wants to charge you for extra revisions, then doesn’t it seem fair that you can charge the webmaster (via price reduction) for missing production deadlines. Hm…

5. Create a rough draft of what you want on your website

Don’t rely on words to communicate what you want. That is the message of this fifth step.

Two ways that you can map out your basic vision for your website. The first is to draw it out on paper. Write in the headline, draw boxes where paragraphs and images go. Write in the header or footer banner.

That helps you visualize each page better. And it gives the webmaster a better idea of what you envision.

The second way you can map out your basic vision is to do screen captures of websites that have features you want.  Examples include the expansive type of background image, a call to action pop up, the basic page layouts.

Take charge with these five steps will help you create the website you want while avoiding unnecessary headaches.


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