A compelling website will increase sales leads. If you don’t proactively take charge of these five steps, you are asking for headaches when creating your website.

Creating your website requires your attention.

Don’t blindly trust your webmaster to build the website you want.

Creating your website requires your attention

If you were to ask me for the name of a webmaster to help you build a website, I would be inclined to give you these five steps instead.  Why?

Because even the best webmasters become busy and distracted.  As a result, they often forget what content was promised, when it was promised and for how much it was promised.

Besides those basic business challenges, there is the more difficult challenge of understanding and creating the vision you have for your website.

Don’t leave everything to your webmaster, based on a conversation over the phone or in person and hope that the website is to your liking. That is the message of this blog. Hope is a bad strategy for designing your website.

In the next post, we’ll look at 5 steps to help you avoid unnecessary headaches when creating your website:



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