How do you eliminate unproductive selling habits that slow you down?

Effective sales training helps create productive selling habits.

Your daily selling habits make or break your sales career

Unproductive selling habits are obvious

So, you don’t have to be a rocket science test to observe your daily activities and see if there are one or two routines that clearly undermine your sales productivity.

Those activities may bring emotional comfort to you. But they don’t increase sales. In fact, they slow down your selling day. Allowing yourself to continue to do those activities is the Stranger Things of selling.

The answer lies in Crowding Principle

The crowding principle says that most people have difficulties stop doing activities that they do not want. Instead, it is easier to replace that activity with another activity that you do want. In doing

It’s trading one desired activity for another

The great mistake that people make whether it’s in sales best-selling practices. Or it’s in dieting or exercise. Is that they try to stop an activity that feels a part of their life. But by trying to just stop leaves a void.

Sometimes that is the best way to go. But other times…

Persuasion skills require good habits.

Don’t be a minion with habits like the crowd.

Another solution is substituting one desire for another

Substitute one habit that you’re currently doing because it makes you comfortable, with another habit which also feels good, but is more productive.

In the next and final post in this series, we’ll examine the two-step process to eliminate the Stranger Things from your selling day…


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