Substituting unproductive habits with more productive selling habits can be accomplished with a two-step process.

Effective sales training leads to productive selling habits.

Which habits hold you during the selling day?

As we examined the past two posts, the Stranger Things in selling are continuing to do daily routines that significantly slow down your sales productivity.

How do you eliminate these unproductive habits?

One solution is a simple two-part process.

The first process is recognizing the Stranger Things that you do each selling day to slow you down. You don’t need to be an IQ genius to recognize routines that significantly distract you, waste time or slow down your selling day.

Once you have identified a nonproductive routine, the second step in the process is taking a moment to identify another activity that also feels good.

How can you substitute that activity for the routine that is slowing you down?

What daily routines slow down your selling day?

For example, let’s say that you have a habit of stopping at a donut shop each morning to get a couple coffee a sweet roll.

You find that 9:30 or 10 am each morning, your energy crashes.  So you have to stop for another couple coffee and perhaps another shot of sugar.

What can you substitute for that routine?

One solution may be stopping by a bagel place. Instead of getting a sugary roll or donuts, get a healthy bagel. (Not a high fat juicy bagel–that could also slow you down.)

Or you to stop at a deli shop that offers healthy breakfast wraps or sandwiches and coffee you can take on the run.

Another solution is that you stop at the grocery store on the way home the night before, and you buy a breakfast meal that will make you feel energized the next morning.

I’m not writing that as an exact solution for you. That is an example of how to use the Crowding Principle to get rid of (or at least minimize) the effects of the Stranger Things in your selling life.


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