Do you have selling habits that consistently undercut your daily selling?  Like the cable series of a similar name, here is how to overcome your Stranger Things of selling.

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Stranger Things: activities that decrease your sales productivity.

What are the stranger things about selling? The answer lies in this question:

What are the parts of your activities don’t support what you do selling each day?

For instance, in the mornings when you wake up, are there activities in your morning routine that do not

  • immediately energize you,
  • improve your attitude,
  • get you moving into action early in the selling day?

Your selling habits make or break your career.

Without offering major spoilers, in Season One, evil creatures create trauma for a mother and her son. By the end of Season One, when everything has calmed down, does Mom take her son far away for a fresh start?


That would require far too much common sense.

In Season Two, the next round of the horrible events begin to unfold. Mom and son are still living in the same town and in the same house when the same horrible creatures start to create mayhem for her family once again.

Eliminate selling habits that slow you down.

While this is fiction, Strange Things like this are repeated by salespeople every selling day.

The principles the same for characters in a horror movie or for salespeople looking to crush their sales targets:

If you keep doing an activity that slows down your sales productiveness month after month, year after year, then you’re asking for horrible results.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. I am making a word play on horror movies and horrible sales results. How about this:

You’re asking for mediocre sales.

In this case, mediocre sales are defined as sales significantly less than they could have been.

That is the Stranger Things of selling: Continuing to do activities that you know will decrease your sales.

In the next post, we’ll look at a strategy for ending all Stranger Things…


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