The key to learning how to sell more products and services at higher profit margins has three component: Asking questions, on a consistent basis, to someone with selling Know-How.

Persuasion skills enable you to sell more of any product or service.

Regular access to a competent mentor helps you sell more.

How I learned to sell more

Up until this time, I had been selling. I wasn’t completely terrible. But I wasn’t making what I considered a great income.

Then I went to work for a small publishing company. The owner and founder of the company was an effective salesperson. Unfortunately, he only had two days to train me during a visit to my state before returning home.

After each selling day, I called him up and said, “When I saw this prospect today, they said _______.  My response was __________.”

For the remainder of each call, he mentored me on what to say. Not only did I learn the content of his answers, I also “caught” the confidence in his voice.

After weeks of this daily mentoring, I began running out of questions.

When I did occasionally ask questions, my discovered that my answers had become equally as useful as his, only worded differently.

I had matured as a sales professional.

What were the keys to my quick learning curve?

  1. I asked questions. That means I paid attention to what I was doing, wrote down my questions.
  2. I asked consistently. There is value to momentum, of staying focused on an activity day after day.
  3.  I asked someone with Know-How. Not just book answers that sound good but aren’t grounded in reality.  Know-How includes WHAT to do, but also HOW to best do it.  Regular access to someone with Know-How in the selling profession creates leads to more sales at greater profits!

Find a mentor with Know-How and start asking questions!

The next step to sales mastery:

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