You have three basic ways to respond to inbound sales calls from prospective buyers after your greeting. Your choice will set the tone of the call and affect the outcome of the sale.

Persuasion skills sell more products.

What you do you say on inbound sales calls after your greeting?

3 ways to respond to inbound sales calls

In the previous series of posts, we examined the first ten seconds when receiving inbound calls from prospective buyers and the three ways that callers typically respond to your greeting.

In this post,  we will discuss a choice you have throughout the call.  The caller asks a question. You reply to the question with a statement or several statements that provide appropriate the information required to answer the question.

And now the choice:

After you finish answering the question, do you remain silent or ask a question, or keep making statements about the topic of their question (or an entirely different topic)?

Let’s start with the third choice—just keep talking.

Unfortunately, many salespeople choose to keep talking.

It reflects their model of selling, which is that statements are the most persuasive activity in selling.

So the more statements you give a prospect, the more persuaded they will be to take action. Makes sense, right?

Sense or not, selling doesn’t work that way.

A prospect’s mind can only process so much information at any given moment. So here is a good rule of thumb to follow:

If there are ten bits of information you could say about a specific aspect of your product/service, give two, or maybe three at the most.

Why? Because if you say all ten, you will overwhelm them and they probably won’t remember any of them later that day. What they will probably remember is that you wouldn’t stop talking!

In the next two posts, we’ll look at the other two choices.

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