Don’t be “sold” by sales training gurus who try to persuade you that “selling has completely changed”.  Persuasion skills are timeless, regardless of the current selling environment.

Effective sales trainings include persuasion skills

Persuasion skills are timeless.

People say crazy things about the sales training!

For example. whenever you hear someone talk about how the old ways of selling don’t work anymore…

Go on high alert for sales doublespeak. Chances are they are using this as grounds to sell you something.

On two separate occasions recently, I’ve heard training guys say, “Oh, the old stuff doesn’t work anymore.”  The “old stuff” worked thirty years ago, but now…

That assumption is setting you up for them teaching you the “new stuff”, which you have to learn from them.

Has the selling environment changed in the past few decades?

Yes!  Notice the key word in that question: environment.

  • The attention span of prospective buyers has generally diminished.
  • The way prospective buyers access marketing has changed.
  • Sales cycles have shortened
  • Sales metrics are more precise

But that is the sales environment, not the persuasive activities of selling.

On both occasions, as I listened to the training gurus explain the “new stuff” that they teach, a funny thing happened…

They started talking about all the stuff in old selling:  establishing trust through rapport, discovering needs, persuasive closes, addressing concerns.

It was the same old stuff… stuffed in new clothes.

So don’t be fooled.

When it comes to selling– leading prospective buyers to moments of buying decisions, persuasion is a timeless skill.

Persuasion skills will power your sales career

The Circle of Persuasion is the only complete model of persuasion.

And here is an insight into a potentially significant market advantage: Most salespeople you compete against… they don’t know how to sell!

They can set appointments and present their products/services.  But if their prospective buyer doesn’t say YES after their first close… they quickly become lost in the sale. 

That means they don’t know what to do next.

This blog is about learning to master persuasion skills, one post at a time, to increase your

  • sales revenues
  • profit margins and
  • enjoyment of the selling profession!


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