Spoken by the same prospective buyer at different times during a sales appointment, multiple NOs have different meanings! Effective sales training will help you crack the code of NO from your prospective buyer.

NOs have different meanings at different times.

Some buyers initially say NO out of habit…

Consider a mother who can differentiate the cry of her baby.

  • One time it may mean her baby is hungry.
  • Later it may mean her baby is tired.
  • Another time, it may mean her baby is uncomfortable because of a toothache or a rash.

Prospective buyers are not babies. Not really.

Like the cry of a baby has different meanings to a mother, a prospective buyer’s NOs can have different meanings during the same sales appointment.

  • Their first NO may mean that your product/service is not a good match.
  • Later their NO may mean they don’t have the funds to buy today.
  • After that, their NO may mean they need to check with another decision maker.

Since you cannot read the minds of prospective buyers, how do you find out what a particular NO means?

Persuasive Skills training leads to more sales.

Questions help you understand the different meanings of NOs

By making more statements, perhaps…?  No!  (That NO means that answer is wrong!) You find out by asking questions.

It sounds like a cliché but it is true: In sales, questions are the answer to how to keep the sale moving forward.

One of the objectives of this blog is to help you become an expert in asking questions. Not just any questions, but several types of questions that will lead your prospects to a buying decision.


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