Mastering the key elements of a greeting when receiving inbound sales calls, increases your chances for a sale. They call you! So start the call off on the right foot with an effective greeting.


Persuasion training prepares you to sell.

Always be ready for inbound sales calls.


In the previous post, we identified the key elements of A few reminders about each of these elements:


Aren’t you thankful when prospective buyers call? Even on a busy day, inbound sales calls are good because they can lead to more sales.

The callers do have other choices of companies to call. So expressing appreciation in your voice and in your words is a great way to start the call.


“My name is _________…”

Stating your name accomplishes three objectives.

  • It allows callers to know how to address you.
  • It invites callers to provide you with his or her name.
  • It encourages a first-name-basis call.

That is how friends and family address each other.

This is a business call rather than a personal call but for many, spending money is a personal decision.

Beginning the call on a first-name-basis makes it easier to discuss the personal information needed for the caller to make an informed registration decision.

Opening Question

The value of the opening question is not only the content, or information that you will receive.  It also it allows you to immediately establish control of the direction of the call.

Yes, callers often respond with a barrage of questions, one after another.  But when ending your greeting with an opening question, you are subtly communicating to the caller that you will ultimately be directing the call.

How do you answer the phone when prospects call?

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