For salespeople who receive inbound sales calls from prospective buyers, please remember your greeting during the first 10 seconds of each call sets the tone for the remainder of the call.

Persuasion skills lead to a successful sales career.

The first 10 seconds of inbound sales calls set the stage for a sale.

The key elements of an effective greeting include:

1)  Inbound Sales Calls need consistency

Are your call greetings consistent, regardless of time of day and the workload that day?  All of us have called companies and the person who answered the phone sounded busy or annoyed.

Not the best way to start a call with people who are calling to possibly spend the money on company product or services.

There will be times when you will not be excited about answering a ringing phone.  How do you remain consistent during the ebb and flow of your day?  

One solution is

Write out your phone greeting on a sticky note and keep it near your phone.

When your thoughts are split in several directions, a glance at the note will give you the sequence and wording of your desired greeting.

Master the elements of the greeting.

2) Elements of the greeting

What are the elements of your phone call greeting?  The elements could include:

  1. Appreciation Thank you for calling…
  2. Name:    My name is ____________.
  3. Opening question: examples

“Who is calling, please?”

“How can I help you?”

4. Enunciation: How clearly can callers understand you?

In the next post, we’ll discuss these elements in more detail.  What elements do you include in your phone call greeting?


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