The best way to respond to questions during inbound sales calls is asking a question of your own… usually.

Persuasion skills sell more.

Be prepared for inbound sales calls

In this series of posts, we have examined your three choices just after answering a prospective buyer’s question.

With the exception of during rat-tat-tat questions, the most beneficial way to end your answer to prospective buyers’ questions is a question of your own.

Even if it is a confirming tag question like, “Does that make sense?” or “Does that answer your question?”

Not every time, but most times. Especially after long answers using several statements.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the longer your answer, the more beneficial it is to ask a confirming tag question to make sure your prospective buyer understood what you just said.

Remember, the mind can only absorb so much at any given moment.

As your prospective buyers are listening to you talk, they are also searching their memories for reference points to understand what you are saying.  And they are thinking about how your product/service is or is not a good fit for them.

That’s a lot going on upstairs if you follow my drift.

So even if your answer is clearly and logically stated, the longer your answer, the more important it is for you to give them a chance to confirm they are following you.

One last thought: remember to watch their nonverbal language. If they look puzzled, slow down and repeat your key points until they start nodding in understanding.

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