One of the life-changing teachings I encountered early in my sales career was the idea that in each area of life you are either a host or a guest. Becoming a host to your buyers will increase your income and your career satisfaction.
Do you posture yourself to be a host or a guest

Do you welcome buyers as a host?

Host or a guest

It is interesting to see the changes that occur in people when they change roles from employee to manager or owner.
Many years ago, Nancy Dornan addressed this dynamic with an illuminating concept: the idea that every area of life, there are HOSTS and GUESTS.
Employees generally see themselves as guests. (I do not write that as a bad thing). They show up, follow directions and work.
Competent managers and owners, in regard to the employees under their care, generally fulfill the role of a host.

One major difference between a host or a guest is responsibility.

Hosts are generally responsible for the results of themselves and the guests in that situation.
Again, generally speaking, there is a third possibility with the host-guest concept. John Maxwell, Robin Sharma, and others have popularized this possibility in their writings and teachings.
This third possibility is the idea that:

Everyone can be a leader

It does not matter where we are in the employee/employer company chart. Each of us, in addition to doing our ASSIGNED work, also assume the responsibility:
  • for the QUALITY of our work (pursuing excellence rather than the minimum)
  • to LEAD others around us to be their best,( with encouragement and help when appropriate). Robin Sharma calls this “a leader with no title.”
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Being a host opens doors of opportunity.

It is a leader/servanthood approach, which is the flipside of the popular servant/leadership model.
And that approach to your company and your customers will open doors of opportunity you never imagined possible.
Why?  Because there is no shortage of guests in the world. But the demand for hosts is constant.
Be a host.

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