Some blogging teachers offer generic knowledge. Others offer specific knowledge based on real-world experience.

Making that distinction could be the difference between whether they help you make more sales or just waste your time.

Following blogging teachers with no experience in selling is an error.

Following teachers with no Know-how is an error.

Do your blogging teachers have know-how?

I am thankful for Internet teachers that are showing the rest of us how to add another tool to our sales toolbox with internet marketing and sales.

In my last post, I disagreed with a basic dynamic of many blog teachers. I am not picking on them specifically. They are providing a valuable service for how to get started with Internet commerce.

What alarms me, and is the subject of these four posts, is:

The assumption that general knowledge leads to specific industry success.

I am referring to the distinction that Napoleon Hill made in his writings between generic and specific knowledge.

Follow blogging teachers who can help you find more gold in your selling.

Generic knowledge can indirectly lead to success.

It is helpful with motivational thinking and generic organizational skills

However, the great achievers throughout the centuries did not achieve their specific-field successes through generic self-help literature and recordings!

They achieved their success by mastering the specific aspects of their specific work by unknowingly applying the ten thousand hour rule that Malcolm Gladwell and others have written about.

So for us who are in the sales profession, the lesson is this:

The value of generic knowledge about reading, motivation, goal setting, time management, etc. is not that those are the keys to our success.

Instead, they establish the foundation by which we can more easily master our chosen profession by investing over 10,000 hours of useful work.

But the self-help gurus in all fields seem to neglect to mention that second and more important part of the success formula.

So how does that apply to us in our journey together?  Yes, my friends, the answer is found in the next and post in this series…

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