In this series, we are examing the characteristics of blogging teachers that will actually help salespeople increase sales.

Examine the experience base of the blogging teachers you follow.

The circular nature of some blogging teachers

Those who are not grounded in real-world selling experiences can lead to generic, theory-based teaching rather than practical, hands-on Know-How mentoring.

Here is an example.

Early in his post, one up and coming blogging teacher who wrote that he has been around a lot of influential people in his life.

For those of us in the sales profession, that is called “establishing credibility.”

That’s a good thing.

The troubling aspect of his credibility-building occurred when he cited the two most influential people in his career. They were both leading blog teachers.

Do you see the circular nature of this scenario?

He is a blogger who teaches people how to blog. He was most influenced by two mentors who also make their living teaching others to blog.

Somebody’s got to do something or our economy will fall apart.

The lesson: If you are selling in the real world, then you need someone who has experience selling in the real world to mentor you.

As a result, his challenge to readers to be a lifelong learner was generic and consequently much less inspiring.

Be mentored by those with know-how.

His premise was that all the great achievers through the ages were readers and lifelong learners.  He implied that general knowledge is the key to achieving specific success.

But is this correlation accurate?

Do all readers and lifelong learners become as successful as the well-known achievers?

Do I agree with what he wrote?  Absolutely!  Generic knowledge builds a foundation for success in any profession and in our case, the selling profession.

The question for all of us is,

  • do all readers and lifelong learners become as successful as the achievers he mentioned in his post?
  • Or are there other factors that play a greater role in their success?

We’ll continue that discussion in the next blog with an important distinction about knowledge…


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