The key to determining which blogging teachers will help you accelerate your sales career is determining whether they are sharing know-how or simply passing on knowledge that sounds good.

Make sure your mentors have already walked their talk.

Blogging teachers say, “Be like me.”

Given the provocative title and my framing thoughts in Part 1, the troubling circular trend among some (certainly not all!) blogging teachers is that they

  • learned how to blog from a blogging teacher and now
  • are teaching others to how to blog.

So far so good, right? But their ambitions never exceed the ring of “Teaching how to blog.”  As a result, their sales pitch goes like this:

“You can be a successful blogger like me. I am a successful blogger because I teach others to be successful bloggers. And many of my students have become successful bloggers because like me and my blogging teacher, they now make living teaching others to become blogging teachers.”

Beware of circular reasoning

Are you dizzy?

As I wrote in the last post, I am thankful for blogging teachers to share their knowledge. The challenge is that in this incestuous circle, they can only share knowledge, and not Know-How.

Yes, they have Know-How about the mechanics of starting a blog and identifying a theme, etc.  But regarding monetizing that blog, their Know-How is limited to selling stuff about how to blog.

Do you see the circular nature of that value proposition?

Blogging teachers stuck in this circle are eminently qualified to help you become a blogging teacher that helps other beginning bloggers become…  blogging teachers.

But if you want to use the Internet to build your business, which is the case for most of us in the sales profession, then the blogging teachers have no Know-How to share, because they have never utilized their internet skills to build a business outside of blogging.

I’ll give you an example in the next post in this series…


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