How do you determine which blogging teachers will help you accelerate your sales career?  The key is whether they are sharing know-how or simply passing on knowledge that sounds good.

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Blogging teachers that will help you sell more

Wow, that’s a provocative title for a blog. For this series of posts, I think it is warranted. But first, three thoughts to properly frame my comments about this topic.

Knowledge and Know-how

First, I write my comments on this topic not for the sake of being controversial and declaring my perspective as the “truth”.

Instead, my intention is to encourage your thoughts about the distinctions between knowledge and Know-How, and the usefulness of generic and specific knowledge.

Technology gap

Second, many of us in sales are beginning to embrace and utilize the Internet in our everyday selling. Some are strictly using the Internet platform to sell products and services.

Others use it as media support as they primarily utilize the more traditional methods of onsite and telephone selling.

Know-how uses knowledge to increase sales.

As a result, there is a learning curve for all of us in Internet marketing and sales.

To fill this knowledge and Know-How gap, many blogging and content marketing teachers have emerged. Particularly in the past several years.


Third, please remember that I am thankful for the presence of these teachers.

Even though I am about to question a trend about these teachers who have much more experience on the Internet and with blogging,

I do it with thankfulness that they have

  • a) blazed a trail in Internet commerce for the rest of us and
  • b) that they shared their knowledge so we can sharpen our learning curve and
  • c) that they used the living, breathing medium of blogging, ebooks and online mastermind groups so that we can receive and implement that knowledge and Know-How in real time.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, in the next post, we discuss a troubling circular trend that some blogging teachers have limited themselves with.

It is a good lesson for all of us in the profession of sales.


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