I began this series of posts by saying some of the blogging teachers have trapped themselves in this circular dynamic of teaching other bloggers to do what they are doing.

Choose blogging teachers with know-how.

Circular teaching will leave you dizzy.

The Good News

many blog teachers are equipped with the Know-How to monetize their websites with non-Internet products and services.

One example is Bill Belew, the Traffic Professor, who not only teaches others how to blog but has used his real world, international and domestic business experience to make a living from the Internet by attracting over 100 million viewers to his network of websites.

That was not a typo.

Not 100 million page views. 100 million unique visitors have viewed his network of websites. What would hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to your company website do for your business?

As a result, his teachings on Internet commerce go far beyond the mechanics of starting a blog. It includes the hands-on experience of years of successfully monetizing multiple and completely unrelated websites with millions of unique visitors.

Working together with companies and organizations, I have seen first-hand the methodical and seemingly magic results of his Know-How about content marketing.

Hard work is the basis of the “magic”, but it is hard work magnified by outcome-based Know-How. You can read more about Bill on his content-rich blog at


This post is about your success in sales, whether online, in-person or over the phone.

Most of the training you receive is for application where you are, with the type of selling you are doing now.

If you are interested in arranging outcome-based training on monetizing your company presence online, then contact Bill or me through this blog.

There are some amazing sales resulting from a Know-How based web presence that attracts hundreds of thousands and more of unique visitors.

What type of competitive edge would that give your business over your competitors?

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