YES, NO, MAYBE are the only three responses that your prospects can give when you ask them to buy. Remembering those three responses simplifies the selling process and allows you to become more persuasive.

Sales training prepares you for any response from a buyer

Buyers give one of three responses: YES, NO, MAYBE

You present your product or service and decide it is time to close.  When you ask prospective buyers to take action, they can respond in only three basic ways:


Consider the stock market. On any given trading day, the market goes up, down or sideways.

Those are the only three outcomes in the stock market. And yet, most investors bet up. And yet when the stock market inevitably goes down… most investors are disappointed.

Doesn’t that seem odd that stock market investors would be disappointed and even surprised when the inevitable occurs?

(Yes, the entire market could go belly up, just as your prospective buyer could go face down, but that grim outcome aside…)

Three responses in selling

Salespeople know the three possible responses prospective buyers can make after being asked to buy and yet…

…they appear taken back when buyers don’t say YES right away.

How do you explain that?

Perhaps this question will shed light on this mystery:

On which side of the first close do you think most sales are made?

Don't be surprised by YES, NO, MAYBE

Look at NOs as a puzzle to be solved

That may sound like a goofy question, but I am asking if the sale usually occurs before the first close or after the first close?

  • Does the presentation sell most buyers?
  • Or is it your interaction with prospects after they say NO to your first close?

Let the answer to that question shape your expectations and your preparations for your next sales call:

  • Don’t be surprised by any of the three responses
  • Be prepared for all three responses.

That is the work of a sales professional.


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