Persistence in Selling is not relentlessly badgering a prospect to buy.  Your sales training in persistence begins with an example of what persistent selling is NOT:

Your sales training should include how to respond to NOs

Persistence in selling is not badgering until they say YES.

How many times have you heard a sales statistic like,

“Buyers typically say NO seven times before they say YES,”? 

Many salespeople hear a statistic like that and imagine a conversation like this:

“Mr./Ms. Prospective Buyer, would you like to purchase this product/service?”


“It’s a really good deal. Are you certain you wouldn’t like to buy?”


“Based on our discussions, we both know you have a need for it. And you told me you have room in your budget.”


“We’ve been around since 1872. You can count on us to deliver what we promise.”


“It includes the deluxe model and an extended warranty.”


“This special won’t last long and if you buy today, I’ll include free delivery and set up.”

“Um, well… okay.  I’ll buy it.”

Persistence is not bugging prospects until they buy

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Earning a living pestering prospective buyers until you finally wear them down and they say yes to get rid of you.

This stereotype of how pushy salespeople sell explains why many salespeople don’t persisting after they first hear the word “no.” They don’t want to be rude.

Here is some great news. Sales leaders aren’t rude. And they don’t have conversations like this. In the next post, we’ll look at an example of what persistence Is…

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