The best calendar system in the world is useless if you don’t remember to look at your appointments. Use calendar alarms to increase your productivity.

keep on schedule using calendar alarms

Too busy to manage your schedule?

Hey, your workday schedule is jammed! More tasks than time to do them. More distractions from calls, emails, texts, and tweets than ever before.

Calendar alarms keep you on track during a busy day

Your company is asking more from you than ever before, thank you very much.

Amidst all noise, you are expected to remember

  • prospect callbacks
  • appointments
  • proposal deadlines
  • follow up calls
  • internal meetings
  • Sales Training sessions

Sure, no problem.

So you write it down on your paper calendar or type it in on your electronic calendar.  It’s there, just waiting to remind you.

Except you get busy with a dozen other important tasks and lose track of your time and

  • miss the call
  • are late for the sales appointment
  • don’t submit the proposal by the deadline.

Setting alarms keeps your business day on track

Use your laptop or tablet. Use your smartphone But set alarms to signal it is time to move into the next segment of your day.

Set alarms across all your electronic tools.

The optimum electronic calendar systems will include built-in alarms that ring across your tablet, laptop and smartphone.

Use alarms to optimize your daily planning and increase your sales production.


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