When you discover an effective goal setting process, the probabilities of achieving your goals significantly increases!

Choose your goal setting methodology as carefully as your goals.

On this New Year’s Day, after an evening of considering New Year’s resolutions, step away from the crowd of well-wishers and explore a methodology for achieving your goals in the next 12 months.

Let’s start with what doesn’t work for most people:

Too many goals 

Many goal setting sessions are really a brain storming session: “Write down everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve…”

That can lead to quite a list.  And there is value to that exercise–getting your hidden dreams and desires out of the shadows of your mind and on to paper.  It can be very exciting to imagine many aspects of the life you’ve always wanted…

Exciting, but not necessarily helpful in achieving them. Here is a thought to tatoo in your thoughts:

Our brains can handle only so many goals at one time

The number that Robin Sharma suggests three.  Focus on three goals at a time.

Not three goals in each area of your life: Work, health, finances, marriage, parenting, spiritual, personal growth…

That would be… ah, a lot of goals. Way too many goals. And an easy out to quit on all your goals.

No, in this age of distraction that we live in, with calls, emails, texts, Tweets, Skype, Slack–

Too many goals fries the brain…

The new IQ is focus, not intelligence

It’s not how much you know, it is how consistently you can stay focused on taking action toward your two or three most important goals.

So pick out three goals you most want to accomplish this year. Three total.

Three goals from any area of your life. Since you are a sales professional, sales manager, business owner or I would encourage one of them to be in the sales profession.  That is the starting point for effective goal setting.

More in the next post…