Beware of having a spooky management style leaves your sales team guessing. They don’t know you really want them to do and what you expect them to perform.

That mysterious style of managing results in lower morale and fewer sales.

Do you have a spooky management style keep your sales team guessing?

I have a business client who I consulted for several years ago. His organization has 5 million dollars a year in revenues and he leads a staff of 25 people.

Great guy. Great leader.  But a so-so management skills.

How can that be? How can a great leader be a so-so manager?

Because he manages people like he was playing poker. He keeps his cards “close to his vest” with a “strong and silent” style of management.  He sets people up in positions and then watches what they do.

We all agree that actions are stronger than words.

But expecting results from his team when no clear expectations and no ongoing real-time feedback is given… that is Spooky Management.

He is unwittingly practicing the absurd management assumption that his team can somehow read his mind about what he is looking for.

Don’t follow suit.

Your sales team cannot read your thoughts.

Mind reading is not a profitable sales management strategy.

Let them know your expectations.  Acknowledge them doing the right things. Counsel them when they veer away from team objectives.

Be the manager that enables them to reach their next level of sales performance.


What is your biggest sales management challenge?

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