Having a quality pen with you during sales appointments helps you move the sale forward in two ways.

Write more contracts with a pen.

Always have a quality pen at your sales appointments.

Lack of pen can lead to lack of confidence

How many times has it happened?  You are with a prospect who is ready to sign the papers to buy your product or services. You have the paperwork in hand and are about to fill in the buyer’s information…


You left your pen in the car. Or in your office. Or in another business outfit.

You look around the buyer’s place of business, searching for an available pen you can commandeer.  Finally, you sheepishly ask, “May I use your pen?”

When you forget to bring a pen with you to a sales appointment, you communicate to your buyer that you were not fully prepared for the buyer to say YES.

Just as important, your confidence level takes a hit as you try to minimize your neglect.

A quality pen increases confidence and makes a statement.

It isn’t the pen itself. It’s the indication of your preparation that allows you or your buyer to not be distracted from moving forward at this key moment in the sale.

A quality pen makes a statement

Having just said it isn’t about the pen itself, your choice of a pen can make a statement about you as a sales professional.  For example:

  • You fill out the purchase agreement with a quality pen (however you define that).
  • Then you hand your pen to the buyer for her or his authorization.

The buyer may notice the weight and quality of the pen. It is a small thing, but it subtly reinforces an underlying notion that you only deal with quality products and services. Those you use and those you sell.

Always take a pen to a sales appointment.


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