Presentation brochures add power to your sales presentation because pictures help create an emotional environment to encourage an immediate buying decision.

Persuasion Skills sell more services

Images from a brochure can reinforce 1000 of YOUR words.

A powerful brochure can help you sell more products

Words are great.  They convey specific meanings that pictures alone can’t.


Words are abstract and by themselves, are easily forgotten.

Many studies have shown that the combination of words and pictures is much easier to remember.  That is why good brochures that show and tell about your products, services and your company help your sales presentation and follow up calls.

The key is how you use brochures during your sales appointment.

Just the presence of a visual aid can reinforce your message even without going through it.

You don’t necessarily need to sell from your brochures for them to help move the sale forward.

You don’t need to page through a brochure, discussing each point.

Instead, the idea is to use company brochures that have large, sweeping images that capture the essence of your underlying theme in selling. The image(s) may show the

  • strength and stability of your company
  • effectiveness of your products
  • range of your services

In other words, use impressive images from your brochures as a backdrop to your presentation.  You may leave it on the table during your entire presentation.

But there, off to one side, the images in your brochure gnaw at the attention of the buyer, emotionally reinforcing the words that you say.

Buying decisions are often emotional decisions. Use the emotional images in your brochures to show what your words are saying!


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