Prospects who frequently say NO to everything… can become some of your best buyers.  A key part your sales training is learning how some NOs will lead to sales that other salespeople are not able to realize.

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Some prospects habitually say NO

NOs, the perpetual villains of sales, have a good side them. In fact, the nastiest of NOs can work to your advantage in additional sales.  How?

1. NOs stop many salespeople.

There may be a lot of competition among salespeople for the low hanging fruit—prospective buyers who say YES right away.

But what about the remaining buyers?  Those who regularly practice crotchety behaviors except when gleefully saying NO?

The competition dramatically thins for this less pleasant, but equally profitable segment of your target market.

Their propensity to frequently say NO gives you the opportunity to sell to prospective buyers that others can’t.  Think about it:

2. If they were an easy sell, they might have already been sold by another salesperson.

The greater advantage, however, is this little secret:

Some of the best customers/clients are those who enthusiastically said NO at the first close.

Passionate NOs can be turned into enthusiastic YESes

It may sound crazy but:

A vehement NO is better than an apathetic NO.

A vehement NO means prospective buyers care about something.

Their passionate perspective may not be in your favor at the moment… but it is easier to turn an enthusiastic NO to a YES, than an apathetic NO.

When you hear the first NO, it means the true persuasion game has just begun.

Everything up to that point in your sales presentation has been an introduction. You’ve finally engaged your buyer in earnest conversation.

It is your time to exercise and perfect your skills as a sales professional. The good side of NOs is that they are your stepping stones to sales excellence.

In the next post, we’ll examine the only three responses your prospects can give when you ask them to buy.



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