Depending on having good feelings to sell each day will affect your ability to consistently produce sales each day. Effective sales training will help you sell well each day regardless.

Are you unwittingly trapped by “feeling based selling”?

Effective sales training helps you manage your emotions.

Your emotions affect your sales performance…

When you emotionally feel well, you sell well.

When you don’t feel well… you don’t sell.

I am not talking about being physically sick. I’m talking about being excited about your work. When you practice feeling-based selling, then you will be captive of your own feelings.

Each business day, you wait to see how you feel before determining your sales activity…

That makes for a hard career in selling. It makes for a hard personal life, too.  But for this post, we’ll stick to business.

Look, feelings affect us all. Even the most stoic of salespeople. I am not discounting that power of emotions on our performance.


You can’t hide your feelings from buyers… for very long.


But I am encouraging you to remember that the ebb and flow of your feelings significantly impact your sales efforts and sales productivity.

Therefore, employ your access to effective sales training to create strategies to minimize the negative effects on your daily performance.  The book

As mentioned in previous posts,

  • get enough sleep,
  • move your body to energize your spirit,
  • eat healthy foods,
  • listen to uplifting music.

Write down ways to quickly boost your emotional energy and resolve. For example, discover which times of day you feel like doing your best work.

Then protect your best selling time for seeing prospects, rather than being in the office taking care of administrative matters.

Try out your written list over the next week and keep track of which strategies work best for you.

You don’t need to find perfect solutions.  Even small incremental changes in energy can lead to significant increases in sales and profitability!


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