Using precise words when selling leads to more sales. Prospective buyers who are confused about what you are offering will say NO!

Unclear words create confusion in the minds of prospective buyers.

One of the objectives of this series is to help readers be more precise in their words.

How will precise words help you close more sales?

Because every word you use when talking with prospective buyers creates an image in their minds that either takes them a bit closer to the objectives of your sales call or distracts them from it.

Think about that for a moment. You have learned about many cool features of your product and services.  Do you need to tell prospective buyers every one of them before they will buy?

Every word you say creates an image in the mind of your prospective buyer.

Or will certain features distract your prospective buyers from making a buying decision today?  Will imprecise language lead to discussions that take your prospective buyer farther away from a buying decision?

Already, there are a lot of unclear ideas floating around out about selling in general and your products/services specifically. Your job as a sales professional is to help prospective buyers think more clearly.  

In the next two posts in this series, we’ll look at the challenges of imprecise language and how precise language will directly lead to more sales…


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