Are You a Salesperson of your word?  Your integrity as a salesperson is built on dozens of small promises kept every day.

Don’t promise buyers what you can’t deliver.

There is an ancient faith principle that says  if you can be trusted in small things, you can be trusted in larger things. If you are not responsible in small things then you will not be responsible in the big things.

Integrity is the intersection of two values

The first is honesty: doing what you say you will do. If you say you will follow up with a prospect or customer’s calls in a certain time frame, that you do what you say.

It is returning calls to your customers in a timely manner. It is following through on delivering the details of your product or service as well as the big items.

And there is the catch.  Many salespeople focus only on the big aspects of their work and tend to discount the details as less important.

In many ways, that may be true, but in respect to your integrity, everything, big and small, is important.

Keep your promise or don’t promise it.

And that brings us to the intersection of the second value: consistency.  Not only is your integrity defined by the big items and small details, it is also defined by your consistency in doing what you say.

When it is convenient or not. When you feel good or don’t. When it is late in the business day or not.

Consistency reflects your character and it builds your reputation among your customers. You can’t directly control your reputation, but you can directly control your character.  Keep your promises, to others and to yourself.