The second last item in this series on sales tools that will help you sell more in 2018 is a calendar system that organizes and reminds you of sales opportunities.

Write down your appointments, deadlines, and callbacks.

Accessible information help you sell more

Remember the old saying:

“The palest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.”

Nowhere is this truer in the sales profession than with your calendar:

Using your memory to keep track of prospect calls, appointments, internal meetings, proposal deadlines and follow up calls…

There are two basic types of calendars to run your selling career. The first type, that we’ll discuss in this post is:

Paper calendars

These time management systems have been around for decades. Daytimers was the system I first learned years ago. Before personal computers, these paper calendar systems were excellent organizational tools.

Recently, written journals have come back into vogue

Several, like Michael Hyatt, have capitalized on this trend toward analog by designing a custom calendar system of his own.

The idea behind this trend is that physically writing down ideas and appointments help to “tattoo” them more strongly on your memory.

Written calendars and time management systems are back in vogue again.

Personally, I enjoyed the years I used a paper calendar. Daily notes and appointments were easy to find… at the time.

In the next post, we’ll explore the second basic type of calendar for running your sales career…


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