One aspect of a high emotional quotient is whether you are focused on yourself or your prospects and customers.

Some salespeople are more focused on their presentation than their prospects.

Several books have recently been written about Emotional Intelligence, popularly referred to as EQ for Emotionally Quotient.  It is a play on words for Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

IQ measures a type of brain power (not to be confused with wisdom).

EQ is the study of how well people understand their own emotions and the emotions of other people.

That understanding can help you relate to others which is, um, a rather important component in sales.

During a recent conversation on this topic, my friend passed on to me a concept from his studies on the topic that is quite profound:

When many people walk into a room with others, they think, “Here I am.”

When other people walk into a room with others, they think, “Ah, there you are.

Do you see the difference in focus?

During sales calls, are you a host or a guest?

This concept dovetails nicely into a comment I heard years ago from a successful direct salesperson who said, “There are two types of people in the world, Hosts and Guests…”

In your selling profession, which type are you?

Are you a guest hoping that your prospective buyers will serve your needs by buying your products and services?

Or are you a host, using statements, questions, and silence to lead prospects to a buying decision that is best for them?

Leading salespeople are hosts.


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