You can have absolute selling conviction about working for a company and selling products/services that are not perfect. Here’s how:

Persuasion skills sell

Develop Olympic level selling conviction

Create selling Conviction

By asking two questions about your company and the products/services you sell:

Is the customer better off for having used this product/service?

Did you bring value to your buyers?  Perfectly or not so perfect, are your buyers better off for having used your products and services?

Is this a good value for the money?

Not, “Is this the best value for the money?” Not, “Is this the best product or service on the market?”  Do your products/services provide a good value for your buyers?

It’s not perfection, it is great service when things are not perfect.

Your company and the products/services that you sell do not need to be perfect. In fact, as a salesperson, you don’t need to be perfect.

Perfection is not the sign of a great company

Instead, it is how a company responds when they provide products and services that aren’t perfect.

Quickly providing great service when things aren’t perfect–that is the mark of a great company.

And often that involves you. Being the go-to person, their inside man or woman, to remedy a situation that requires attention.

It is better to have a good product with great service than a “great” product with mediocre service.


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