An electronic presentation (vs. using a brochure or demonstrating a product) will add color, depth, and emotion to your sales presentations.

Many sell using PowerPoint or other media programs. In this series, we have discussed the physical tools that will help you sell more in 2018: business cards, brochures, quality pen, buyers agreements, carrying case.  Now we are going to zoom out and look at electronic tools.

But first this question:

What is the best medium for presenting your products and services?

Can you sell best by:

  • Showing a sample
  • Drawing out on paper your sales presentation
  • Using a printed brochure
  • Using an electronic presentation

Each presentation medium has its advantages

So consider which medium is more advantageous for the products/services you sell. That is a topic for another series of posts.

Let your most visually impactful slides be on the display the longest time.

For this series of posts, if you work for a large company, you probably have little say in the design of your electronic presentation. But you do have a say in how you use that electronic presentation.

The content of the electronic presentation is the foundation of the sale, but it is not the only element in persuasion.

Let the colors and images work to your advantage

They can create a backdrop that emotionally opens your prospect to the content of your sales presentation.

That means that certain slides may have more visual impact than others.

There are many advantages to electronic presentations. The challenge is that buyers are deluged with electronic media.

Therefore, an electronic presentation with slides and colors and perhaps a soundtrack of narration and music… is not as impactful as in the past.

In the end, it comes down to your persuasion skills

Don’t confuse the tools with your role as the primary persuader during your sales calls. Electronic media can help you persuade prospects but don’t depend on it.

So the big money question is: how skilled are you at helping prospects make an immediate buying decision?

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