Employing Minimum Daily Activites, a sales training strategy for consistent selling will produce more consistent, higher sales revenues.

Effective sales training for consistent selling

The right strategy leads to selling consistency!

In the first post in this series, we discussed how Minimum Daily Activities (MDAs) are an effective strategy to build consistency in areas of your sales work that you have been avoiding.

The idea is that becoming consistent in a minimum level of that activity, the momentum and confidence will more easily allow you to gradually increase your daily activity in that area.

How can you put MDAs to work for you?

First, decide what your MDA. This may not be as simple of a task as it seems. Each MDA activity is what you can do each in a particular area of selling, regardless.

As an example, let’s look at prospecting/cold calls.  Amidst all the other responsibilities you have each business day, how many business calls can you make each day?

Even if it is toward the end of the day, and you haven’t made a single cold call yet, how many could you still make that day?

The superheroes of selling do the important small things every day.

After identifying an MDA, then determine the best time of day to do the minimum daily level of that activity.

  • Is it following Brian Tracy’s admonition to Eat That Frog first thing in the morning?
  • Or is midday or the final hour of the selling day?

Next, how can you prepare for doing your MDA activity? Why is this an important step?

When you are pressing against a wall of procrastination, remove all barriers that may trip you up.

The seemingly small amount of effort to look up numbers to call, deciding which area to call on, or even finding your business cards…

Small distractions can require just enough energy to derail you from performing your MDA!

Make all the preparations in advance so it is easier to just get started. As your MDA activity will become more ingrained in your life and easier to accomplish each selling day!

For greater consistency, start small.


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