In this modern electronic age, how you use your business cards will lead to more sales appointments for you or… more paper in the trash.

Persuasion Skills sell!

Business cards shows you are ready to do business.


Business cards help prospect introductions

Here are two examples:

You are at a business gathering and meet a potential client. Your conversation leads to business and you suggest a possible meeting.

Handing the potential client a physical extension of your conversation–your business card, will help that person remember you.

Even if they throw away your business card at the very next trash can they encounter, which they very well may, the physical act of taking your business card will impress your conversation in their mind more than if they never saw your name as well as the colors and logo of your company.

It is a small thing, but often when meeting a new prospective buyer, the small things are all you have.

An impressive business card can punch through the preoccupation barriers of prospects.

Second example:

You are calling on a company and ask to see a decision maker. The receptionist asks for your card so he or she can tell the decision maker who wishes to have a moment of their time.

If you say, “I don’t have a business card,” then you start in a deficit.

Having a business card tells who you are and what company you represent. Depending on the content of the card, it may create an impression of your company’s products/services and tell a brief story of the solution.

Design and use your business cards as a tool to open the door to more sales appointments.


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