Always have contracts with you whenever you see a prospective buyer because you never know when they might decide to buy.

Persuasion skills sell!

Having contracts give you confidence.

Have contracts for when prospects want to buy

Especially if you are in the service/sales industry where you often call on your customers for service reasons, and in the course of your service, you also sell them additional services.

Here is an example: While making a routine customer call, your customer says, “Last night at our Board meeting, we decided to move forward on the proposal you gave me six months ago for ___. What is the next step for to move forward?”

You say, “Great!’ and then realize that you don’t have a buyers agreement with you. Not on your person. Not in your car.

Now your self-confidence in this call has taken a hit because you feel unprepared.

You start back peddling your way to Plan B, “When I get back to the office this evening, I will email you…”

Time is never your friend in selling.

Will you still get the sale?  There is a good chance. But time is never your friend in selling. Buyers change their minds. Circumstances change. Last minute competitors show up.

Always have a buyers agreement among your materials when meeting with prospective buyers. Even if you don’t take it into the meeting, at least have a few in your car.


Don’t settle for an average selling career.

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