In this series, we’ve talked about important selling tools like business cards, pen, brochures, and agreement forms.  In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of having the right carrying case for sales calls.

There is a lot of personal preference, of course. And different genders may prefer different styles.

Those are details. The common thread between styles is usefulness.  Whatever portfolio or carrying case you use, does it have a place for business cards, pens, brochures, calculater (if needed), written agreements?  If you give electronic presentations on a tablet or laptop,  can it carry that?

The ideal carrying case has three characteristics

  • Professional look
  • Holds all of the above materials
  • Minimal as possible.

Avoid the large clunky carrying cases, if you can. If your presentation materials are bulky, then do the best you can.

Your carrying case may include electronic media.

You want to avoid carrying in a large bag because it can seem like you are invading the prospect’s place of work.

Instead of being curious about the benefits of your products/services, they may be wondering how much stuff you’ll bring in and consequently, how much of their time you will take.

Remember, complexity is the enemy of immediate buying decisions

The more that is involved, the easier it is for prospects to become overwhelmed or confused.

And as we have discussed in other posts, an overwhelmed or confused mind says… NO.

Keep searching for a carrying case until you find one that organizes your selling materials, into an efficient, professional case.


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