The first essential tool for sales success in 2018 is clean oral hygiene that does not repel prospective buyers. Breath mints are essential.

Persuasion skills sell more!

Bad breath can end the sale before you start selling.

Let’s start with the basics.

If your breath smells bad, prospective buyers will not want to do business with you.

Oral hygiene requires constant vigilance:

  • After a cup of coffee
  • After a morning snack
  • After lunch

Each of these delightful events can significantly affect your breath.

How do you know if your breath has gone afoul?  Watch your prospective buyers. If their facial expressions become a bit tense, or they lean away from you, it could be your breath.

(Leaning away from you could also mean that you are sitting or standing too close to them and violated their proximity comfort zone.)

What are the cures for bad breath?

Chewing gum: Gum is good while traveling between appointments.  It can clean the food between your teeth. But gum is not so good during a sales appointment.

Chewing gum may distract or annoy your buyers.

Constant chewing can distract your prospective buyers. So chew gum on the way to a sales appointment, but get rid of it just before the sales appointment.

Not by spitting it out on the office lawn of your prospective buyer. Just saying…

Breath mints: They freshen your breath.  You don’t need to spit it out afterward. Just be certain that small bits of the mint do not remain between your teeth.

Mouthwash: You can buy and refill small size bottles of the strong mouthwash brands to give your breath a thorough fresh start.

Toothbrush and toothpaste:  It means an extra trip to the bathroom, but after a spicy lunch, the only cure may be to brush your teeth.


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