In this series, we’ve talked about how a fast and reliable Internet service can increase your sales and assist you in your administrative work.

A reliable, fast internet service reduces tension both at work and home.

The of slow internet service downside is obvious.

If you do not have fast and reliable Internet, your administrative work will stretch out in time and your patience will grow thin.

Have you ever finished working on something and just before clicking the send button:

  • the screen goes blank
  • the screen locks up
  • the¬†windows closes unexpectedly


How do you spell an extended, blood-curdling yell?

Yes, a locked screen can be many things, and one of them is the Internet.

I had a work colleague that was so annoyed, he pumped his fist at the screen, but missed missing it. That’s not a typo.

He hit the screen. And the screen… did not stand up under environmental conditions, if you catch my drift.

Still not sure what he told the company when he turned it in for a replacement laptop.

Don’t settle for inferior internet service that frustrates your work and wastes your time.

I use Comcast for my Internet service

Plugged into the desktop, it works reliably. The wifi, which I use primarily… mostly reliable. Even as I write this post, the Internet has faded in and out several times.

Of course, I am at the far end of the house, out on the screened in back porch, on a 75 degree December afternoon, watching a group of lazy ducks floating on a lake.

So I endure…

But when on the road, in the heat of a busy selling day… I am not so forgiving. You shouldn’t be either.

Make your Internet service serve you so that you can give your attention and time to your prospects and clients.