Part 2: How the sales processes required by your company are important to your selling career: Using sales processes to your advantage.

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A few moments of career talk: Many salespeople think the road to becoming and remaining a sales rock star is your sales numbers.

Mastering your company’s sales processes more deeply positions you as the go-to person in sales!

That is true. Your most important numbers are your sales revenues and your sales margins.

Remember, you have two groups of customers

Regarding your external customers, the people you sell to, you are measured by your sales numbers.

Regarding your internal customers–other salespeople and the people who support the products and services you sell, you are measured by…

In many companies, there are no 360 measurements of your value to your co-workers. Certainly, your people skills are informally measured by how easy you are to work with.

But otherwise, your value as a coworker is left to the imagination and gossip of your co-workers.

Not knowing the sales processes well creates lack of confidence that you are falling behind the rest of the sales team.

So here is a quick hack to increase your value among your co-workers:

Become an expert with your company’s sales processes

Anything you are good at generates self-confidence. Any activity you have mastered, that others have not… positions you as an authority and elevates you as professional.

So eat that frog, as Brian Tracy writes. Block off some time one evening or Saturday morning and spend a couple of hours learning the sales processes.

  • read the help sections
  • design a strategy that works best for you
  • write down your list of unanswered questions
  • Next workday, get the answers to your questions

Shying away from what you don’t like or understand is a slow, painful, ongoing experience. Others feel the same way, so become intentional, invest a few hours of time and reap months and years of respect as a sales professional of excellence.


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