In past years, in many circles of selling, lack of sleep was a “badge of honor”. But this badge may come with a high price.  Effective sales training will teach you the value of sleep to your selling career.

Sleep like a baby, sell like a champion!

I grew up in a sales culture where busyness was equated with productivity. “Look how busy I am,” says the hard-working account manager or entrepreneur.

As proof, he or she whips out a full calendar of sales appointments.

The popular joke through the years is:

“We’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

Running parallel to that gem of wisdom was another well-circulated urban rumor was that the human body only needs four to six hours of sleep a night.

This agenda-driven health advice aimed at encouraging sales teams to increase their activity. The result:

A good night’s sleep was downgraded to the status just above “sissy”.

Who wants to be known as a sissy?

In other words, sleep has received a lot of bad press in the past few decades among many in salespeople and entrepreneurs. It was seen as a waste of time and a sign of laziness.

Gordon Gekko may know money, but not long-term health.

“Money never sleeps,”

The movie character Gordon Gekko famously said that in WallStreet.  Don’t fall for this agenda-driven, misconceptions about sleep.

Shawn addresses this topic in detail in his book.  A good night’s sleep benefits your body and brain in ways that will help you energize your selling career.

Sleep deprivation is a badge that will not benefit your health or your sales career.


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