In this series on how quality sleep helps you sell better, this post explores how adequate exposure to sunlight each day can lead to nearly an hour of extra quality sleep each night.

Sunshine increases sleep. But it doesn’t protect you against fire ants.

That sounds like a contradiction–more sunshine leads to more sleep

In his book, Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson mentions a study of day-shift office workers who did not have access to windows at work slept an average of 46 minutes less each night that the day shift workers who did have access to daylight.

The idea supporting these finding is that our bodies respond to a circadian clock.  (Not a Candadian clock–I think that refers to the length of winters in Canada.)

Humans seem to sleep better at night when it is dark

And that starts by contrasting the dark of night with plenty of sunshine during the day.

For outside salespeople, this is not an issue. They get plenty of exposure to sunlight as they travel from sales appointment to sales appointment.

But for inside salespeople, especially those whose work space is not near an outside window, it may be beneficial to spend your breaks and lunch exposed to daylight.

This inside salesperson doesn’t get enough daylight.


One other benefits of daylight… per Shawn’s research, the production of melatonin by our bodies is significantly affected by light exposure. So don’t underestimate how daily exposure to light helps you sleep better at night. in fact, as I wrote this post, I listened to Let the Sunshine In by The Fifth Dimension.

Hey, every bit of sunshine helps.