In this series of posts about how sleep affects your success in selling, we will examine how lack of sleep can effect your selling brain power.

Brain power means more selling power!

When leading buyers to a moment of decision, you need your full brain power to quickly recognize and respond to buyer’s delays in making a sales decision.

Some salespeople sleep with their eyes open during sales calls.

Shawn Stevenson, in his book, Sleep Smarter, mentions research that indicates how after 24 hours of sleep deprivation, there is an overall reduction of 6% glucose to the brain. Our brains run on glucose. When glucose levels fall, we don’t think as clearly, quickly or comprehensively.

And, our brains seeking glucose is often expressed by cravings for sweet and starchy foods.  A double whammy: Slower thinking and decreased willpower to eat healthfully.

Product knowledge can’t help us if we are not alert enough to use it.

In regard to our selling, lower glucose levels lead to lower sales performance because we don’t recognize a buyer’s cues so quickly. And we do, we don’t recognize our possible responses as quickly… or at all.

As a result, it is easier to let the sales appointment take its own course and slip into wait-n-see selling

That’s where we give a presentation and then wait-n-se what the prospect will do next.

So getting quality sleep on a consistent basis is not just about our health–as important as that it. In a very real way, the quality of sleep determines our mental effectiveness during a sales appointment.